Carpet Cleaning

Your Carpets Will be Cleaner and Healthier Now

Welcome to Sierra ProClean, your professional carpet cleaning experts. Our state-of-the-art truck mount carpet cleaning machines ensure real steam cleaning for optimal results. Our meticulous 7-step process, includes: spot cleaning, furniture moving, heavy traffic areas, pet stains, pet odors, pre-vacuuming, and post-cleaning carpet raking. With a rapid dry time of as low as 4 hours, your carpets are only slightly damp to the touch after our thorough service. Rest assured, all our work is guaranteed, and we are proudly Google certified. Trust Sierra ProClean for certified excellence in carpet care
Our beloved pets are supposed to go potty outside or in the litter box, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Whether pet accidents are a one time accident after an upset stomach, or a recurring issue, Sierra ProClean is here to help remove your pet stains and pet odors from your carpets! Our specialized Extreme Pet Carpet Cleaning Service is designed to eliminate bacteria, germs, pet vomit, urine, and waste stains, as well as the strong odor that comes hand-in-hand with the stains. Our deep cleaning, premium enzyme cleaning agents to treat visible stains as well as stains unseen stains found with our UV detection light, high-power extraction, Certified Technicians, are sure to get your carpet looking, smelling, and feeling its very best!
Enhance the longevity and health of your freshly cleaned carpets by opting for Scotchgard protection. Highly recommended post-cleaning, Scotchgard ensures your carpets stay cleaner for an extended period. This protective treatment acts as a shield, preventing stains and avoiding the development of dark traffic lines in high-traffic areas. Invest in the ongoing well-being of your carpets – choose Scotchgard to maintain their pristine condition longer. Your carpets deserve the extra care for a lasting, healthy vibrancy.

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